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CHERYL BROWN (MITCHELL) says her husband has had several strokes, but right now is doing much better. She last talked to Robert Smith when his sons graduated from BYU when Cheryl was on the BYU staff. She is doing well, but has been very busy taking care of Ken and all her responsibilities. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHERYL




JoAnn Olsen, Linda Hunter, Sylvia Gale, Kay Richards, Minty Bulloch


Sherron Hall, Minty, Ember Lambert (Chris's sister)  Linda, Sylvia, ........


MIKE STAPLEY and Susan are traveling to New Hampshire in three weeks.  They will also be vacationing later with family. Mike is chairman of a committee studying the decline in the number of children who have their vaccinations.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKE


** SAD NEWS:  ROBERT SMITH passed away. 


The full obituary may be found at russonmortuary.co


JUDY DELVECCHIO (JORGENSON) says she is doing well. It is hot in L.V.   I told her about tourists that became very ill recently in the Grand Canyon. So, if she were planning on hiking the Grand Canyon, Don't, until they figure out what is making people ill. She said I didn't have to worry about that. At this age, she is lucky to be able to walk across the street!smiley  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUDY


ELLEN ISOM (WESTERN) and Tony have a fishing boat in Alaska. After many years, their children have now taken over. Ellen says she seldom goes out on it anymore. I watch the fishing programs once in awhile on TV, and I called to ask Ellen about their boat. It is named the ROULETTE. It was on the series Fish Wars. Keep your eyes open; you may see Ellen in Alaskan waters!




DAVID MUNFORD has been under a doctor's care since January. He has been going to the Huntsman Cancer Center for treatment. David has been working on a book honoring military men and women. He really appreciates those in our class who were in the military. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID


LINDA EVANS (COX) has a birthday coming up, but is struggling.  With Linda's permission:


Linda is heartbroken.  Ever since their spouses passed away, they have taken big adventures. She really treasures their companionship. She says to be sure to appreciate every moment, because things can change in an instant. Have as Happy a Birthday as can be expected under the circumstances.


BOB CORNELIUS accidentally called me, but we had a good talk. He was trying to call his insurance agent. He has his truck all restored (after the rats ate the wiring), and he needs the insurance to step up with some money. Bob is, as the saying goes, "Upright and Sober."


GARY LEBARON (Gentleman Farmer) still lives in Oak City, and still  does some farming. He had just finished irrigating. He hasn't had to go out at night in his hip-boots  and underwear since his garden flooded. His family is doing well, and scattered across the US.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GARY


Pam Glazier Miller  posted a message.

Jun 02, 2024 at 7:06 pm

Just had my first Great Grandbaby Amelia Rae Hand,  7 pounds 5 ounces. CONGRATULATIONS,  PAM                                              


JANET BAUER (HAFEN)  is enjoying life. She travels quite a bit. For her birthday, her kids and grandkids are going to her daughter's house. She has a pool, but Janet is going to sit in the shade. Afterwards, they are having a BBQ. On Monday, the girls are coming to St. George to attend a play at the Opera House. At the present time, Janet is crocheting a quilt for a new baby. She was out of town for the reunion, but she keeps up on the webpage. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANET








JANET HIGBEE (WEBB) jhigbeewebb@yahoo.com




•   Kathleen Williams (Raymer)  11/1
•   Sheila Robb (Jolley)  9/17
•   Sandra Gale (Torres)  8/7
•   LeRoy Miller  5/17
•   John Logan  5/6
•   Lenora Adams (Roundy)  2/12
•   Gary LeBaron  6/6
•   Verlene Kelsey (McKee)  2/26
•   David Plummer  9/6
•   Mary Lou Mackelprang  4/12
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