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UPDATE***  Donald Williams went up the mountain to see about his cattle. There were roadblocks--some from the Iron Co. Sheriff's Office and some from the BLM. He had to get permission to go up there, plus the roadblocks, plus tell them when he would be coming back out (in case they had to search for him). They have a crew just cleaning the roads to make breaks.  The fire today is about 47% contained. J Don only found about a quarter of his cows, but he could only stay in there an hour and a half. He will go back up on Saturday. It is very rugged country, so fire crews can't do much from the ground. They had a 747 airplane that came. It circled three times, then a little plane came to guide it up the canyon. J Don said it led the 747 right down in the bottom of the canyon. The 747 bombed the fire, and then the little plane turned and pulled away.  He said it was really exciting to watch that huge plane. It was so low in the canyon, they couldn't see it for awhile.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, J DON AND PEGGY

**J Don Williams and Peggy posted these picture of the Graff Point Fire above (East) Kanarraville. He said it is about two miles from his cattle.  It was started by lightening. Evacuation order for all cabins in that area, and the roads are closed. 




LANE ADAMS and family are doing well. They will probably have a family dinner on Monday for Lane's birthday. He and his wife work in the Orem Temple. They have some property on Strawberry where they go on weekends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LANE


PAM GLAZIER (MILLER) is headed back to Phoenix after staying in Cedar during school break-time. They spent three days in Sedona before spending time in Cedar. Her Challenge Charter School is still doing very well. She is healthy, and wishing the best for everyone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAM


MADELEINE VANDENGERGHE (SHELLEY) has children there to give her a birthday party. She and her husband are still working as service missionaries at the hospital. Madeleine has a brother who has Parkinsons, but the rest of her family is doing well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Madeleine 


ARDIS DALY (RIGBY) has her daughter and children visiting in Cedar. On the 5th of July, they will all go to Las Vegas and take a flight to Seattle, Washington. Each year people who have ties to the high school where Ardis lived, have a big get-together. Ardis says she thinks that six of her seven children will be there. One of Ardis's sisters has cancer, so the sisters will also be getting together.  Aridis will return to Cedar on the 16th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARDIS




JANET HIGBEE (WEBB) jhigbeewebb@yahoo.com




•   Sandra Gale (Torres)  6/25
•   Kathleen Williams (Raymer)  11/1
•   Sheila Robb (Jolley)  9/17
•   LeRoy Miller  5/17
•   John Logan  5/6
•   Lenora Adams (Roundy)  2/12
•   Gary LeBaron  6/6
•   Verlene Kelsey (McKee)  2/26
•   David Plummer  9/6
•   Mary Lou Mackelprang  4/12
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4 live in Idaho
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2 live in Tennessee
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69 live in Utah
3 live in Washington
1 lives in Wyoming
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51 are deceased



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